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  • YaBoi M.O.E
    YaBoi M.O.E 11 month ago

    wow ya channel is going crazy! ill sub if you sub!

    RSAUTOSWITCHER_COM 11 month ago

    Great channel man

  • Mohnish Isaac Kariappa
    Mohnish Isaac Kariappa 11 month ago

    Great content you have going there! :)

  • tubaler you
    tubaler you 1 year ago

    since that cat went into an active portal to the other world there might be a potential for a Coraline sequel the portal won't be active if the beldam was dead or locked up for good she might still have the doll

  • Aggelos akexandris 2D&3D English

    Coraline Monster House Revenge

  • Cole .Beene
    Cole .Beene 1 year ago

    does anyone know when the , the book of henry, trailer will be out

  • Detective
    Detective 1 year ago

    Hi, I recently received a copyright strike on my review of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". From what I understand it was produced by your company, if I could somehow talk to someone and sort this whole issue out, I would be highly appreciative. Thank you.

  • Vian zlonomav
    Vian zlonomav 2 year ago

    I saw the Loving trailer, it would great if you don't disable the comments not all that comment are bigots. Good day.

  • Patricia Woods
    Patricia Woods 3 year ago

    How did the clairvoyant who was choked out in the first movie come back to life  to b n part 3 ?

  • Zaid Akbar Al Muharram

    this channel owned by morgan freeman ?

  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith 3 year ago

    It's so nice to watch the trailers over and over since I can't watch the goddamned movie. You're promoting as it it's EVERYWHERE but don't want to release nationwide?  Fine; I'm boycotting it until it comes out on Netflix.  Fuck you, Focus. 

  • Marwan Shaheen
    Marwan Shaheen 4 year ago

    +Focus Features Can you explain please how there is a picture of Lamborghini Aventador hanging on the wall in the film " Dallas Buyers Club " and it was late 80's ?
    The car was produced in 2013.

  • FAYMprod
    FAYMprod 4 year ago

    since Braff is too chicken shit to enable comments and ratings I wanted to tell you I have no interest in ever seeing his movie.

    GPX_QUINCY 4 year ago

    good vid

  • Focus Features
    Focus Features 5 year ago

    Thanks for all the supportive comments!

  • Verbal Chan
    Verbal Chan 5 year ago


  • sleepymay day
    sleepymay day 6 year ago

    Wow, u guys sure make quality movies. Thumbs up man. >_< b

  • Change Games Entertainment

    really fine videos here

  • KristophR AbramoVICH

    see my vids to lear herbs slike cloverm,mcleaver, dock, sage, rose, primrose, dandelion, dulce weed etc :)

  • coringax
    coringax 7 year ago

    read the book first!