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  • Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :)I have already subscribed you..I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

  • The Fabsisters
    The Fabsisters 1 year ago

    great channel

  • CCGtv
    CCGtv 1 year ago

    Hey, I just looked at your channel you have some dope content ! Check out some of my channel and sub if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  • m4k
    m4k 1 year ago

    Great video friend, really like your classy content!

  • not very succulent
    not very succulent 2 year ago

    Who are all the people in the outro for YGS? I saw mark an pewds I think but what about the others?

  • alex peter
    alex peter 2 year ago

    im smarter that yo mom

  • zav mcg
    zav mcg 2 year ago

    Do you want to hear a joke... KIDZBOP

  • Slowly Burning
    Slowly Burning 2 year ago


  • Entx_Shadow
    Entx_Shadow 2 year ago

    Anyone else notice jack is in youtube rewind

  • Makin' Bacon
    Makin' Bacon 2 year ago

    Rename YIAY to LWIAY (Last Week I Asked You)

  • Seedless Orange
    Seedless Orange 2 year ago

    Where do I submit Your Grammar sucks

    btw this is what I want to submit "I Won't this game so bad" by Cool Kid volgs on this video SNOW SKILLZ | Steep #1

  • ineffableScintilla
    ineffableScintilla 2 year ago

    Premestrual Syndrome, my favorite kinds of video from Jack :)

  • Tsar_of_gaming
    Tsar_of_gaming 2 year ago

    fix the Macedonian flag

  • Kris G
    Kris G 2 year ago

    2 more

    OMAR IS WACC 2 year ago

    great job making it in the YouTube rewind I saw you in the background dancing

  • Ice Strike
    Ice Strike 2 year ago

    Ayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! congrats on getting into Youtube Rewind!!! And double thanks for the beautiful new meme you've given us!

  • GD TheSwagFox
    GD TheSwagFox 2 year ago

    Jack finally has an excuse for not making videos. Youtube rewind 2016 :D

  • Sheldon Grazioso
    Sheldon Grazioso 2 year ago

    Read the bee movie script.

  • MasterOfGaming
    MasterOfGaming 2 year ago

    Yeah 3,000th now wheres my prize