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  • Grizzly Beatz: Type Beats & Instrumentals

    Dope Channel

  • Jaime Jackson
    Jaime Jackson 2 year ago

    Kievn is cute but really funny on ride along😂😂😂 and I am a huge huge fan

  • Michael Thomsen
    Michael Thomsen 2 year ago

    I'll see you at the top one day Kevin! I'm gonna be bigger then you!

  • Stephen Edmond Jr
    Stephen Edmond Jr 2 year ago

    Your channel is great. Keep it up! Have you seen my channel yet to watch some of my videos?

    I love R&B/Jazz/Soul music and I'm working to bring back the sound we're missing today. Let me know what you think!

  • SharonBernath
    SharonBernath 2 year ago

    Happy Birthday Kevin! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😊👍😃🎂

  • Chrissy Collins
    Chrissy Collins 2 year ago

    Happy Birthday Kevin Hart

  • Sally Bosque
    Sally Bosque 2 year ago

    Hi Kevin, I am such a huge fan and am feeling very sad right now and just thought of you and watched some of the many comedy acts (again and again) to hopefully make me smile. I know you are super busy but I would really appreciate it if you would Please read my story about my beloved boxer Zen.. at the link:   Thank you Kevin! Also anyone else who would like to hear about Zen, please read and share the link as well. Thanks y'all

  • TKR2015
    TKR2015 2 year ago

    Wow, You are very good. We Loved this, Excellent work.

  • João Charles
    João Charles 2 year ago

    I may be the first subscriber from Mozambique (Yes its a country name and now You know)... Huge fan...

  • YouGotIssues
    YouGotIssues 2 year ago

    We're new to your page and are huge fans! Subscribe to our page because "it's about to go down!"

  • TheSwiftyWinds
    TheSwiftyWinds 2 year ago

    Yo Kevin, When you gonna stop thru NC man?! I know NC can sell out a show!

  • Kay Tone
    Kay Tone 2 year ago

    Be who you were born to be. Rise against.

  • Mpumezo Nongalo
    Mpumezo Nongalo 3 year ago

    Kevin Hart I just heard you coming to South Africa next year in March on your tour. How true is that and how soon can we get tickets?

  • P2L Tucold
    P2L Tucold 3 year ago

    wow this amazing

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 3 year ago

    I love this channel

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 3 year ago

    Your awesome#number1fan

  • Jr Motion
    Jr Motion 3 year ago

    Just Subscribed !! Check out my channel and SUB for Indie ATL rap music videos, thanks for the support!

  • whatzit tooya
    whatzit tooya 3 year ago


  • Toni Lynette Cristy
    Toni Lynette Cristy 3 year ago

    You're channel is set up so nice. i wish you would write a book on how to dominate social media

  • Lauris Beinerts
    Lauris Beinerts 3 year ago

    Thanks for the (mutual) subscribe, keep on hustling! #HartHustle