Bad Lip Reading
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  • EclipZe Muzik
    EclipZe Muzik 7 month ago

    i will be coming back great work!

  • gleamingflower
    gleamingflower 5 year ago

    You should do one for The Walking Dead, please!

  • DollieDaydreamXX
    DollieDaydreamXX 5 year ago

    you should do a bad lip reading for harry potter and pirates of the caribean

  • Brandosify
    Brandosify 5 year ago

    Do The View. Would love to see what they could be saying. Or Oscars speeches!!

  • GooCH9
    GooCH9 5 year ago

    more BLR plz!

  • moloha95
    moloha95 5 year ago

    Where did Taylor Swift song go? D:

  • Pierce Peel
    Pierce Peel 5 year ago

    NBA bad lip reading???

  • TPV Productions
    TPV Productions 5 year ago

    Scream 1996 nuff said......

  • Kristine A
    Kristine A 5 year ago

    NFL was the best - so MORE SPORTS!! NBA for sure, and March Madness coming up would be sweet.

  • JunkieKit
    JunkieKit 5 year ago

    CAN U PLZ DO AVENGERS!? plzz :D i <3 u

  • Greg McCauley
    Greg McCauley 5 year ago

    These are HILARIOUS! Harry Potter would be an awesome addition to the collection.. Xmen might be just as funny too?

  • josh dalton
    josh dalton 5 year ago

    PLEASE GOD MAKE ONE FOR PRETTY IN girlfriend thinks it would be epic, as it is one of her favorite movies.

  • Loyola Less
    Loyola Less 5 year ago

    Walking Dead.... Carl is getting made fun of soon..

    MEEETH 5 year ago

    you guys should try the walking dead cx

  • Anthony Marshall
    Anthony Marshall 5 year ago

    since the NFL one was such a big hit you should do other sport ones. i think NBA would be pretty funny

  • Tor
    Tor 5 year ago

    Get yer POPE TARTS! Hot fresh, delicious Pope Tarts @ me channel

  • shibbyguy420
    shibbyguy420 5 year ago

    I peed. I hope you're happy. Also, do some news clips.

  • Shannon Bidwell
    Shannon Bidwell 5 year ago

    HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 777Lukyman777
    777Lukyman777 5 year ago


  • Vidiots SHMOJ
    Vidiots SHMOJ 5 year ago

    PLEASE DO A HARRY POTTER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD