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  • Tyler Hollinger
    Tyler Hollinger 5 month ago

    very very powerful

  • Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :) I would be happy if you subscribe me too.Thank you.

  • drew polaris
    drew polaris 1 year ago

    Find a director with Tim Miller's capabilities as a director and CGI artist or someone even better. Bring back Collosus and Negasonic for sequel and/ or X-Force movie. Of course, Dopinger. Weasel. Cable and Domino come back from future to help Deadpool avoid a potential crisis years from now or take him to the future. Marvel universe vs. Mad magazine satire. Just an idea. :)

  • an anh
    an anh 1 year ago

    good films

  • fasya bubu
    fasya bubu 1 year ago

    love this channel

  • juju kabu
    juju kabu 1 year ago

    Alien: Covenant Trailer please

  • an hai
    an hai 1 year ago


  • Itachi Na NET
    Itachi Na NET 1 year ago

    I have a doubt, if the new earth series will have a 2 season ??

  • HennibsDP
    HennibsDP 1 year ago

    i've never been as hyped for a movie as i am for the assassin's creed... please do not disappointment me.

  • Lunamedia International Corporation

    can you post up the new regency enterprises logo? plz

  • Michael Chandler
    Michael Chandler 1 year ago

    You had me at, "Howard."

  • Moorland Moss
    Moorland Moss 1 year ago

    Just found the channel...Looking to improve my editing skills for my Portland, Oregon, Motovlog...so have to watch all the classic clips..

  • Nodarisan
    Nodarisan 1 year ago

    Alien: Covenant Trailer please !!!

  • Thomas Richards
    Thomas Richards 1 year ago

    What's the name of the song in the second Assassin's Creed trailer?

  • Elijah Thompson
    Elijah Thompson 1 year ago

    do you think the girl might be X-23?

  • Marcello
    Marcello 1 year ago

    Please, upload trailers in 4K !!

    There are already Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs on the market, but you are still releasing 1080p trailers !

    ¿ Why ?

  • The Infinite K
    The Infinite K 2 year ago

    Will there be another Marmaduke movie?

  • beren yılmaz
    beren yılmaz 2 year ago

    wolverine 3 trailer please

  • Adam Bramall
    Adam Bramall 2 year ago

    X men the last stand #tbt trailer 20th century fox

  • Adam Bramall
    Adam Bramall 2 year ago

    X men #tbt trailer 20th century fox